Love equals fear and anxiety

My mood is bad, it’s time to post. Have you heard of this disorder? Abandoned child syndrome is a behavioral or psychological condition that results from the loss of one or both parents. Abandonment may be physical (the parent is not present in the child’s life) or emotional (the parent withholds affection, nurturing, or stimulation). … Continue reading

Attempts to Understand (And Discern)

My life recently has been busy lately… yet not. I haven’t been doing much, yet a sense of normalcy has still returned to my everyday adventures… if you can call them that. The whole thing with the man who is now my boyfriend was really just me being overly uptight. My dad is fine with … Continue reading

Turning a New Leaf

Okay, so I got a bit to explain, because I’ve gotten rid of the mangled post that I published earlier. I think I’ll just quote it here, that’s a bit easier. “I’ll just say that I don’t want to do this, but it was brought up by one of my family members who occasionally takes … Continue reading

They Both Die at the End

  So for school (which I’m still actively doing, if slowly), for my second English module I have to read the play version of Romeo and Juliet. You know, it actually sounds a bit romanticized when you aren’t actually doing it. You can imagine yourself reading out complicated pieces of prose (which sounds like poetry). … Continue reading

Wanna Die?

I understand ahead of time that this is not going to be a popular opinion. Please know that I don’t mean to offend anyone. I can write how I feel on my blog, can’t I? [A year or so ago when I joined WrongPlanet under a different name I was one of those lonely souls … Continue reading

A Changing Social Situation

This is going to be short, but… I just announced my changed relationship to my father over text. He didn’t comment on it at all and said we’d talk when we got home. Can anyone else say “oh, crap“?

Way Too Long WordPress

Hey everyone. I bet you thought I was dead or had decided to stop blogging or something. Well, you’re wrong. I’m BAAAAAACK. *cue screaming* But nah, I won’t hurt y’all too much. —- A lot has happened since September of last year. I mean a lot. And what I’m about to write is in no … Continue reading