They Both Die at the End

Some books are pieces of hell inked onto a page.


So for school (which I’m still actively doing, if slowly), for my second English module I have to read the play version of Romeo and Juliet. You know, it actually sounds a bit romanticized when you aren’t actually doing it. You can imagine yourself reading out complicated pieces of prose (which sounds like poetry). It’s sorta the same with Edgar Allen Poe, but not really. Some of the people who read Poe are damn creepy (the girl who sits in the corner of the room on Mondays and wears nothing but lolita black). But the reality… well…

Cannot handle such "fine literature".


The truth is that even if I wanted to prattle off lines from this book, I couldn’t – because I don’t understand what the flying fuck they are saying. My teacher even gave me the version of the book that has interpretations from other readers on every second page, and yet it still makes no sense. It hurts my brain to read (literally) and I’m beginning to think that this is a joke. A big joke.

A secret gay plot?!?! Gasp, Shakespeare is so edgy!


The above is a actual note from my module, which I had to write when asked a question I could not answer. I think I may fail even though I’m trying.


2 thoughts on “They Both Die at the End

  1. I would agree with you about books. They can be hell to read and get a meaning out of them. When I was a lot younger I gave up on a lot of books just because my mind couldn’t grasp what the words where really saying. But with practice my mind started to understand and enjoy books. Like you said keep trying eventually it will start making sense.

    Keep in mind when Shakesphere was written. The English language was used differently. What made sense then doesn’t make sense now. So its no wonder you are struggling to get the meaning.

    It has been a while since I read Romeo and Juilet and I don’t have a copy to see the context of the phrase you quoted, but I will try to give my meaning to it.

    Saying “Be ruled by me” does not mean being a slave. It would mean “love me with all your heart”. “Forget to think of her” would mean give up on the past lover. So the person is saying “Love me with all you heart and give up on past lovers”. I could see “Your my slave” but most people have the wrong interruption of slave to make that right. Just my opinon :)

    • I think the language was different then, I sorta went into this knowing that to begin with. But I’m being obstinate and saying that their english makes no sense. They must be aliens.

      Thanks for the interpretation. It sounds better than what I had. But, on the funny end, it still sounds like a secret gay plot to me (gay meaning in the homosexual but non-offensive sense. I don’t think that word is all that insulting).

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