Wanna Die?

I understand ahead of time that this is not going to be a popular opinion. Please know that I don’t mean to offend anyone. I can write how I feel on my blog, can’t I?

[A year or so ago when I joined WrongPlanet under a different name I was one of those lonely souls who had a thousand problems and felt like killing myself would be a better way out. I feel differently now. I don’t know what has changed, or whether it’s just me having a fit where I have no empathy for others.

I have a acquaintance that always comes to my house when she has a fight with her mother, and always tells me that she wants to die. But she makes it all dramatic like she wants my sympathy to make her feel justified in running away from the matter (she’s a NT btw). I always help her and try to cheer her up regardless, but sometimes I just want to yell at her that if she wants to die she should go ahead and do it quickly and that whether or not she wants to live is none of my business.

Which, I’ve been told, is pretty harsh. I’d basically be telling her to go jump off a cliff…]

The above is one of my posts from the Asperger’s site, WrongPlanet.net. I don’t regret it and don’t feel like taking it back. That’s the way that I feel. It may not be the best opinion, but I’ve explained above. Maybe I’m cynical, I don’t care. But I’m possessed by why. Why in the world would someone want to die when they are happy and not actually depressed? Do they want attention? I can’t even fathom that. It’s a disconnection for me.

As someone who has had to deal with mental illness most of her life, both in the form of my mother, and then in myself, to me self-injury could not be a game if they packed it and gave it a pretty box with lots of colours on it. I don’t know why someone would want others to think that they are feeling THAT awful. And it is awful. People self-harm for real when there are too many feelings welling up inside and there is no outlet. Before CASA, I used to cut. After CASA House I found that if I felt like cutting and there was no outlets, I could break things around me. While it wasn’t the best coping method, I don’t do it often and it’s better than harming myself.

As for comitting suicide, that should never happen to anyone. Even if you aren’t happy with your life, you should live on. There are people that live their entire lives in agony, yet they are strong enough to face this burden. As I said before, I once wanted to die. Now I see no need in it. If you want to commit suicide, then do it. Nobody is going to cry if you do it for all the wrong reasons. You’d just be a waste of life.

Excuse me if this sounds harsh, but I am sick of people pretending to have mental illnesses, cutting themselves for attention, ect.. These people do not need help. They are stupid and ignorant, and can waste their own lives if they want.


2 thoughts on “Wanna Die?

  1. Don’t be sorry about what you post. This is your blog and you can say or feel anything you want in it. If people don’t like it then there are plenty of other blogs to read.

    I agree with you completely. My opinon is that these people you describe do it for one simple reason. They want or crave attention. Nothing grabs people’s attention faster than saying suicide.

    Thats the right thing to do with that person. You are telling them that if you really mean it then do it. Which they will not do anyway so its not that bad to tell them. Be different if the person was serious about suicide in which case saying something like that would be cruel.

    No need to excuse yourself at all. You are seeing it the way it should be in my opinon. If anything you show courage for saying what you really think. Thinking like that should be encouraged not be excused. Keep it up :)

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