When it’s good, then it’s good

Fun fact: I didn’t know Pink had a kid until just a second or so ago. Another fun fact: the title has nothing to actually do with the post at hand.

Long time no post.Why is it that I find it so hard to write lately? Things have been, I must say, comme ci, comme ca. Nothing much happened in the start of school, although there were faces I recognized. They stayed well away from me, and I really don’t care. It’s been the same for the most part now that we are in Victoria. Although I overload easy, and in times like now I have to be alone in the hotel room and let my brain rest. I’m “all people’d out”. Well, at least I didn’t cry in front of the family this time, just my dad in the car. Hopefully, I will be able to hold it in fully if I continue to try hard.

The hotel we were supposed to be staying at hit out again (by giving us a smoking room next to the bar when we asked for the complete opposite), so this time we are staying in the Howard Johnson, or Hojo, which, being a former Final Fantasy groupie, I find quite humorous. Go happy, go Hojo! We promise you won’t mutate into a monster!

This hotel is alright. The carpet smells like curry all the time. The beds are firm, but clean. I’m a bit mad that their wifi won’t let me play Prius or any other of my MMORPGs, but I’m not making a big deal out of it.

We went shopping today. I didn’t know any of the stores. But I wasn’t really paying attention most of the time, even when we were walking between the local booths. I’m blown away from the scenery in Victoria. It seems to have everything, even restaurants that serve into back alleyways, and upstairs art studios. But it’s hot, just as hot at it was in Alberta, and walking around tends to make me dizzy already without adding heat to the equation. Sigh.

They really need to mention on the label whether the makeup is waterproof or not, hence the buyers turn into racoons. Not impressed.


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    • A funny but true story – we were sitting on the deck this afternoon after we finished talking on Skype, and a rat came out of the tree and ran right across the deck!! He wasn’t even afraid of us!!

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