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I probably should have posted sooner, giving updates on my dad’s birthday, and all. But I’m still very low energy, I’m sorry.

Everything turned out… okay. It wasn’t anything super special, nor was it absolutely horrible. I phoned up my uncle, and said uncle decided to take my father to a football game. The next day, dad took us out (just my brother, him, and I) and we went and saw Conan the barbarian. It was a very good movie, although I don’t remember much about it. Damn my horrible memory. I’m sorry if this post is shorter than my usual. I am extremely tired.

School registration is in just a few weeks, and we will be flying out to the west coast soon. I need to be awake during the day so that I can be successful in these endeavours, so I’ve been pulling back to back all-nighters in an attempt to reset my schedule so I’m not going to bed during the early morning and sleeping all day. Let’s say, it’s harder than it looks. Right now, I can hardly focus on what I am writing – I didn’t even have the mental stamina to play a game.

And, to my Swedish friend – you know who you are – I’m so, so, sorry I haven’t been on. Please wait for me. I’ve been busy and I’m still not feeling well. My stomach seems to be acting up and I have a horrible headache because of my cyst… all I really want to do is this:


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  1. Hey.. No rush, I’m sure you will be on whenever you have the time and energy for it. :)
    Also, bacon!

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