Up to Me

My father’s birthday is this Friday, and Leslie is going to be out-of-town, so it’s up to me and my brother to find some type of birthday celebration. I’m thinking of a surprise BBQ at our house, with family. I’m also thinking of inviting one of dad’s friends from work. I would usually just buy him something, but I don’t have any money this year. Of course, I will have to clean up the house prior so he isn’t 1) embarrassed, or 2) starts randomly cleaning because people are coming over. Maybe I can skip that step entirely by managing to get people to come early. I may have to also cook some steaks or something.

As for today, I feel a bit better but a bit worse. However, I am content enough today to smile. At least I’m awake during the day. My stomach was giving me trouble last night (and still is) so I went to sleep early and slept for something like twelve hours. I feel a bit better now after taking my Effexor and eating some breakfast. The sky is blue today, with on/off sun as clouds drift by. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day phoning family and trying to get a plan for friday. I’m not very good at coordinating events, and I’m not expecting any help from Quade as he never really helps with anything, so we’ll see how it goes.

Leslie also phoned today, to see if I’d forgotten about my dad’s birthday (and I didn’t). The conversation was awkward, but at least it was a conversation. My father confided in me that he is frustrated with her – she is in a predicament of not being able to rent her own apartment or anything, and is living in our RV making it impossible for us to go on vacation. Yet, dad says that she isn’t looking for a job or trying to make her situation better. She just keeps saying “in time, in time”. Is she the only one who hasn’t realized that my dad’s patience and “time” is running out?

We’ll be flying out to the coast again next thursday/friday, as another one of our family members is having a baby. I’m looking forward to being out there again – I always feel great when we’re on the west coast.


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