Posted in August 2011

Shameless Plug

I’ve opened a wordpress blog for my artwork… and there is a link to my DeviantART account as well. If you’d like to check it out, use the links below. I know I haven’t taken the time to update in the last few days. I will get to it soon… I’ve been busy. Be advised … Continue reading

Enter Witty Title Here

I probably should have posted sooner, giving updates on my dad’s birthday, and all. But I’m still very low energy, I’m sorry. Everything turned out… okay. It wasn’t anything super special, nor was it absolutely horrible. I phoned up my uncle, and said uncle decided to take my father to a football game. The next … Continue reading

Up to Me

My father’s birthday is this Friday, and Leslie is going to be out-of-town, so it’s up to me and my brother to find some type of birthday celebration. I’m thinking of a surprise BBQ at our house, with family. I’m also thinking of inviting one of dad’s friends from work. I would usually just buy … Continue reading

Can’t Sleep

Outside I can hear the rain falling and the trees blowing in the wind, a bit of thunder rumbling in the distance. But I can’t see it. I sleep from six AM to four PM today, so I’m twitching from Effexor withdrawal and there is nothing that I can do about it. There was a … Continue reading

Three PM in La-La-Land

My internal clock has rolled back to sleeping from four in the morning to two in the afternoon. I’m now missing most of the day… again. I wish I could just manage a nine-to-nine schedule… it would be the next step up to becoming functional. But I can’t. I’ve failed again. I hated the look … Continue reading

Wanting to Live

I’ve had a few issues with my senses lately – especially touch, and noise. Maybe it is just me being a bit sensitive, as I now have an almost near constant headache from the pressure that my orbital cyst is putting on my left eyeball. That and the changes in my medication. I’m aware, feeling … Continue reading